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English for Chemistry

English for Chemistry
English for Chemistry
Prof. I Wayan Subagia, Ph.D.
ISBN : 978-602-262-500-1
Harga : Rp 52.800,00
Halaman : X+98

Sinopsis :
English for Chemistry
Many people have difficulties in transforming their knowledge of chemistry in English. This book will help them to learn how to use English in a particular manner, such as describing chemicals, chemical apparatus, instructing laboratory activities, writing experiment proceddure, experiment journal, and experiment report. This book also provides several pedagogical principles in learning English, such as reading loudly, slowly, and clearly.

This book consists of seven sections, namely: Introduction, Basic English Skills, Chemicals, Chemical Apparatus, Laboratory Skills, Experiment Procedure, and Experiment Report. Tasks are also provided at the end of each section aiming at facilitating the readers to improve their English skill including reading, writting, speaking, and listening. These tasks can be used as a means of improving their knowledge of chemistry as well as their English.

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